For any observations or complaints, please inform the reception only .

  • The camping space is set by the reception only and no changes are made without prior aggreement.
  •  The stay of visitors in the camp area may not exceed the four (4) hours. After two hours and up to four (4) hours it is charged with a half-day price and after six (6) hours and up to twenty-four (24) hours with an overnight price . Guests are not allowed to put their cars in the camping area.
  • The quiet hours are 1 4 : 30 to 17:00 and  24: 00 to 8 : 00.
  • The entry, exit and driving of vehicles is prohibited during the hours of quiet hours. In any case when it is necessary to drive vehicles inside the campsite, their speed must not exceed 5km / h.
  • It is forbidden to use sound systems during the hours of common silence while  it is allowed at a very low volume and without disturbing the neighboring positions all the other hours of the day. Parents should take care of their children to comply with the regulation, to make use of the various facilities under the supervision and responsibility of their parents. At the same time,they should  not disturb other campers especially during quiet hours.
  • Your trash should be thrown away, locked and packed in trash bags, in the bins just outside the campsite . Do not leave garbage bags in the camping area as well as in the common-kitchen area.
  • You can use the refridgerators by placing food in bags with your name written on them. In any other case, anything detected inside the fridge will be thrown away
  • It is forbidden to light a fire for any reason. Use a grill and charcoal carefully. Do not leave rubbish on the beach. Save on water.
  • Pets are allowed, only adter providing a health book in which they appear to be completely healthy and have all been vaccinated as required by law. The holders are obliged to take all measures to protect the health and safety of campers and visitors of the camping . Indicatively, the animals should be leashed  and under the supervision of their owners. They are not allow to enter the sea at crowded beaches according to local laws. The reception reserves the right to ask the owners of pets who annoy others with their behavior or do not comply with the above terms, to take off their pets from the camping area or to expel as well their own owners.
  • All kinds of sports, cycling , barbecuing, placing chairs and tables on the lawn extending along the front of the camping are prohibited .
  • Before using the showers, rinse your feet from the pebbles and the sand outside. This helps the work of the cleaner as well as not to block the drains .
  • Do not leave small children unaccompanied in the showers. There is risk of accident.
  • Do not wash your clothes or personal items in the shower or kitchen countertops. Except for the shared washing machine for clothes, there is also a hand washing area.
  • Those of you who have a chemical toilet, ask us to indicate the area where you will be able to empty it and clean it.
  • Costumers are now allowed to occupy vacant places intended for rent. In that case, the car owner will be charged with an overnight stay for the occupied place.
  • It is forbidden to wash cars in the camping area .
  • The campsite offers accommodation in nature and is not responsible , among other things, for any accidents and adverse effects resulting from activities, flora and fauna (insects, animals, plants, etc.) Unforeseen events, natural disasters, accidental events or non- compliance with the operating regulations . The camping management is not responsible for any theft or damage to camping equipment or personal belongings. The placement of valuables within the camp means is on the responsibility of their owners.
  • Your agreement with the above is necessary for your entry to the campsite. The management has the right to remove, without a second warning campers or visitors who do not respect the rules of operation of the camping, as well as for any violation and damage caused by their own fault in facilities or devices of the campsite, the right to a similar fine and compensation .


Respect the rules, respect those around you, respect YOURSELF.