Please fill in the boxes below. Once availability is confirmed by the camping you will be given a bank account number for the deposit.
Your reservation will be valid only after a deposit equal to the 25% of the total amount or the amount agreed with the booking manager. Reservations can be made for a minimum stay of 7 consecutive nights.
Your camp position will be available at 16:00 unless it is released earlier.
Check-out and evacuation of the position should take place before 16:00, otherwise you will be charged for the next day as well.
Pets are allowed under conditions. In case they cause any kind of problems (annoying barking, dirt and deficient supervision) camping management has the right to terminate your stay.
Extending your stay is not always feasible. Camping can not guarantee that customers can remain in the same camp position, despite the effort.




For cancellations made 21 days prior to arrival, the deposit is totally refundable.
For cancellations made less than 21 days, you will be charged with the 50% of the deposit amount.
For cancellations during your stay at the camping, you will be charged with the 50% of your total stay rate, according to your reservation.