This summer will definitely be different but it will not necessarily be a summer without rest and fun.
At Camping Panorama, we have taken care to be fully informed and prepared in order to meet this new condition.
We will be open from June 1, 2021 and we will be waiting for you to spend your summer vacations with us safely and calmly.


What characterizes us at Camping Panorama is the warmth, friendliness and sense of freedom that every camper feels in an organized space that has the atmosphere of free camping, always following the rules of well-tempered coexistence with other campers.


Always focusing on the safety of friends, old or new, who choose us for their vacation, this year we should all adapt to the instructions of the Greek Government and the Ministry of Health to reduce the spread of the new corona virus.


On this page you will find all the information available about personal protection measures, the operation of camping etc.


We would kindly ask, those who want to choose us for their vacation, to be informed about the changes and the measures that will be implemented.

Thank you for your preference,
At your service,
The Camping Panorama team

  • It is not allowed to enter, pass, stay or use the camping facilities by non-residents.
  • The use of a fabric mask is obligatory for customers in the closed-common areas of the camping.
  • The social distance of 1.5 meters is obligatory in all indoor and outdoor areas between people who do not belong to the same family or company or do not live in the same camp.
  • In the facilities of the indoor covered public areas of the campsite, the social distance will be maintained by the application of special marking and controlled entry measures, in order to ensure the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the people who use the space.
  • It is recommended that electronic transactions and telephone communication be preferred, , as far as possible in terms of questions-clarifications that do not require physical presence. The same will apply to restaurant orders.
  • Our restaurant will only operate through delivery and take away and high safety standards will be followed.
  • The management of the camping keeps a record  with their responsibility, for all the people who live or stayed in it, in each camp means whether it belongs to the customers or to the company.
  • For the operation of the camping beach, the regulations of the state for the beaches regarding the prevention of COVID-19 apply.
  • The common areas will be cleaned and disinfected with a daily schedule according to the instructions of the health protocol for camping operation.
  • In all public areas there will be antiseptic solutions and hand soap.
  • The distance between each form of camp means (caravans, , tents, etc.) should be at least 5 meters from the entrance door of the camp means and 3 meters from each other side. For this reason, and in order to maintain the smooth and uncomplicated operation of the camping, we advise you to make a reservation as soon as possible.
  • The camping management reserves the right to request the removal of any camper who does not comply with the above operating measures.

Choosing a campsite as a holiday destination is the safest option this year as all campers are outdoors and so the risk of infection by the virus is lower.
However, it would be recommended to prepare properly while ensuring your own personal hygiene and protection.

  • You can get your own hand or surface disinfectants as well as have your own chemical toilet with you so that children or vulnerable groups do not go to the toilet to the extent that this makes you feel more secure.
  • The use of a fabric mask is recommended to be applied by the customers and any other person who enters the indoor covered areas of the accommodation.
  • Hand hygiene with soap and water should be applied. If the hands are not visibly dirty, an alternative antiseptic alcohol solution may be used. The use of gloves does not replace hand hygiene. Hands should be washed:
    -After coughing or sneezing
    -Before, during and after food preparation
    -Before eating
    -After using the toilet
    -When your hands are visibly dirty
    -After contact with animals or animal waste
  • Proper respiratory hygiene must be followed, that is covering the mouth and nose with a tissue in case of sneezing and coughing and then throwing it in a plastic bag and applying antiseptic solution to the hands.
  • It is recommended to avoid handshakes or toutchingof the mouth, nose and eyes with your hands.
  • It is recommended to avoid traveling if you have a fever or cough. In this case, seek medical attention immediately and stay home.


We ask our customers to be informed before their arrival at the campsite about all the protection measures from Covid-19.
At the same time, all staff follow the instructions of the Greek Government and the Ministry of Health for the operation of the organized camps.
According to the above information, any customer that during their stay feels sick or shows symptoms that coincide with those of Covid-19,
should inform the campsite manager immediately and before any other action.
In this case and after contacting the competent authorities, all the instructions given to us to deal with a possible case are followed.

1. What happens in case of a person with suspected Covid-19?

We are properly prepared for the different summer this year and the new conditions imposed by the novel Coronavirus pandemic. For the case management plan, according to the instructions of the Greek Government and the Ministry of Health, consult the corresponding page for Covid-19 that exists on our website.

2. What happens to visitors from abroad?

According to the new announcements for Tourism, the Greek Government has announced that those tourists who visit our country from abroad will not take it without conducting a test for Koronaios. From June 15, visitors from about 20 countries with good epidemiological characteristics will have access to Greece, and from July 1, more countries will be added, unless they show negative epidemiological characteristics.
For our part, we will be open to everyone this summer without discriminations, with the sole condition that everyone adhere to the measures and the new regulations.
You can also find out more on the NPHO page with instructions to travelers

3. Can I come to the camping without a reservation?

We advise anyone who wants to visit our camping to contact us by phone or via the website contact page at least 2 days before their arrival or even better to have a reservation. The operating instructions for the camping do not allow over-crowding conditions while they explicitly define the distances of the camping equipment between them. For these reasons, there should be strict control over the number of campers.
In order to ensure the smooth operation of the camping and avoid any inconvinience, we encourage you to make a reservation and if this is not possible to contact us (by phone, via mail or through our website) at least 2 days before the arrival date.

4. How often will toilets and common kitchens be cleaned and disinfected?

All common areas will be cleaned and sanitized regularly and on a daily basis as before the pandemic. There will be everything necessary to protect campers from potentially contaminated surfaces as defined by the guidelines for the operation of organized camps. In any case, we recommend that you be very careful with the common areas as you would in the areas of your home, so as not to cause the spread of the virus in case you are sick. Of course, we reassure you that we will do our best to keep you healthy and safe as always. For more information on the subject you can read the updates on the page of our website for Covid-19.

5. Does camping provide bedding, tents, mattresses?

The campsite does not provide bedding, rented tents or matresses.  However, the rental of a caravan is normally valid (and in this case you should have your own bedding, pillows, etc.) with you.

6. How will congestion on the beach be avoided?

Our camping is located on one of the largest beaches of Greece and Balkans too. It is rare to experience over-crowded days even in pre-pandemic times. The beach in front of the camping is free and the beach bars of the area are quite far from the point of the beach. Therefore, you have the whole space to take care of the appropriate social distance. In the underground passage that allows access to the beach, priority will be given to those who come from the beach. However, all the governmental rules that apply to the beaches of Greece are active.

page for Covid-19
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