The camp location is defined strictly by the reception and no changes can be made without prior consultation. Check-out and evacuation of the position should take place before 13:00, otherwise you will be charged for the next day as well. Please ask the reception about safety of your valuables.


Make sure you are equipped with extension cords, lamps and all the necessary camping accessories, before your arrival. If you are a new camper and you are not aware of the necessary equipment, please ask us to inform you.
Use extension cords covered with rubber for safety reasons. Any kind of interference in the electric facilities is strictly prohibited.


The quiet hours are 15:00 to 17:30 & 24:00 to 08:00. 
Keep the music volume low and make sure you restrict driving your car or motorcycle in the camping.


You are kindly requested to drive slowly, turn off the alarm of your car or motorcycle and not use the horn. Vehicle washing is prohibited.
The entrance, exit and movement of vehicles is prohibited during the quiet hours.


Garbage at the campsite creates an unhealthy environment for you and your children. Please pick them up in bags and put them in the bins located right outside the camping.
Please help us keep the area clean and safe for everyone. Lighting a fire is strictly forbidden. Use charcoal and grill carefully. Do not leave waste on the beach. Use water wisely. As Greeks say “you must save it to have it…”


Pets are allowed in the camping but under conditions. You have to keep them at your camp area and always keep them tied, no matter how friendly they are. Walk them outside the camp site, clean their dirt and carry all the necessary medical certificates for pets, according to current health regulations.